Partner Tour
8th of February- 14th of February 2019
8 days / 7 nights

Frosty patterns of Altai

7 days / 6 nights
Chuisky Trakt
Karakolskaya Valley
Uimonskaya Valley
Mt Belukha
Katun River
Snowmobile riding in taiga
Russian horse sleigh riding

Arrival and departure from
Barnaul Aeroport
Note please
If you fly from Moscow you should buy the ticket to the following flight

Aeroflot SU 1430, Moscow - Barnaul,
7 Feb 2019, time 21.35

Aeroflot Barnaul - Moscow SU 1433,
14 Feb 2019, time 19.45
Acquaintance with local culture
Christmas den
Christmas and Epiphany divination
Excursion to peasant manor house
Altaic throat singing
Visit to shaman
Rites and rituals of local people
Russian and Altaic traditional cuisine
Russian old believers culture
Visit to Nikolai Roerich museum
cost of the tour
550 USD
or 450 EUR
Single Accommodation
Zoloto Altaya - 2 nights, standard room with shower and WC
Uch-Enmek Hotel - 1 night, standard room, common shower and WC
Argut and Kolobal hotels - 2 nights, rooms with authentic Russian and Altaic design, shower and WC in the room
Art-hotel Altai Palace - 1 night, standard room with shower and WC
Included in the cost of the tour

Daily cheer mood and
full board meal
land transportation Volkswagen Turister vehicle
Russian sauna at first evening
Russian horse sleigh riding
excursions according to the program
Individual visit to shaman
Altaic throat singing
Altaic cuisine
Russian rites
Visiting museums
Excursion to Swan Lake and European Bison nursery
Tourist Complex Zoloto Altaya
Sanduny Siberia)
Surprisingly cozy and hospitable manor, which locates at the foot of the Cherginskiy mountain range near the resort Belokurikha. The latter is widely known for thermal radon springs and healing mountain air. Here you can get acquainted with the real Russia. Accommodation at houses of Siberian pine tree timber, which are artfully decorated in the Russian style. Each room is unique, because all elements of the decor are made by hands of craftsmen with great love. Ceremonial dolls, paintings on the ceiling and furniture, panel paintings with a cockerels and cats, openwork pillows and handmade napkins. We guarantee that you will not find two identical decorations. Here everything is saturated with warmth and kindness. By the way, important detail: Even in the Siberian winter in the houses very warm, because they are heated by own boiler, which uses natural gas.
Sandunovsky Bathhouse
The pride of the tourist complex is the famous Sandunovsky bathhouse (these are the oldest and most famous bathhouses in Moscow, are founded in 1808). A few years ago, the masters of the bathing business from Sanduny decided to open their bathhouses in Altai. And they made, perhaps, the best of the now existing bathhouse in Siberia, it is light, are built with aspen logs; with a furnace, which is made of cast iron and semiprecious stones (jade), giving light steam, youth and health. Bathhouses are heated with birch wood, and oak besoms are specially brought from the Krasnodar Territory. The visiting of bathhouse in our tour is a special ritual, during which in a hot steam room you can plunge into an ice font or an ice-hole, and then rejuvenate in a warm vat with a decoction of oregano, eucalyptus and chamomile.
Russian cuisine
You will not remain indifferent to Russian cuisine. The visiting of refectory will be your most favorite daily practice on our traveling. The chef will not cease to amaze you with his skill, offers wholegrain flour dumplings with pine nuts, soups with olive decor, steamed salmon chops, pies with milk mushroom, berry fruit-drinks, fir lemonade and many other cooking masterpieces. And be sure to ask to remove away the basket of hot freshly baked bread. Otherwise, these insanely tasty and fragrant pieces will somehow disappear without a trace in your mouth. One important fact: all products, which are used in the restaurant, have the status of "ecologicaly clean." For example, flour is only grown on the own fields, where chemical fertilizers have never been used. And fresh meat and fish are purchased at farms in the foothills of the Altai.
Program of the tour

Day 1 (8th of February)
Acquaintance with Altai
Accommodation - the tourist complex "Zoloto Altaya" ( Sanduny Altai)
Distance - 230 km, the form of transport- a car (3.5 hours)

After the meeting at the airport of Barnaul, we go to the old mansion of the gold miner Epiktet Olarovskiy, in which now the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai are located. The building is a sample of the urban noble estate of the 19th century and it is remarkable, because Nikolai Roerich stayed here during the Central Asian Expedition in 1926.

In the Russian hut in the museum you take breakfast, after which we visit the presentation of the Christmas den. This is an old kind of street theater art, especially popular in Slavic countries. With the help of puppet dolls in the den Christmas scenes are played.

At the end of the presentation we go to the foothills of the Altai to the tourist complex "Zoloto Altaya". Upon arrival - accommodation and lunch. Time for a little rest. In the evening - bath procedures in the black-style bathhouse, a large aspen bathhouse and a rejuvenating vat.
Day 2 (9th of February)
Russian funs
Accommodation - the tourist complex "Zoloto Altaya" ( Sanduny Altai)

Today we travel back to Russia 200 years ago. In the morning, we are dressed in the old noble costumes, we ride through the snow-white fields by a sleigh pulled by trotters. Sparkling snow under the hooves, the sound of bells, the steppe wind - what kind of Russian does not like to drive fast?
After you have an excursion to Belokurikha-2. This is a new tourist investment project. We go to the top of the mountain pass by bus . Here the Garik Sukachev's film was filmed . We visit the museum complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda " and the chocolate museum, where the 19th century peasant mode of life was reconstructed.
In the evening with the onset of darkness, we do divination. In Russia, the period between Christmas and Epiphany was considered unusual, since it was at this very dark time of the year the evil forces weaken and can tell us about the future. We dress up costumes, arrange funny games and round dances, learn dittys and Christmas carols, throw shoes behind the outskirts, learn the name of the narrowed with the help of mirror, candles and ashes. And be sure to try to remember the dreams that you dream this night. Some of them may be prophetic...
Day 3 (10th of February)
Secrets of the Karakol Valley
Accommodation - hotel of ethno-natural park Uch-Enmek
Distance - 230 km, the form of transport- a car

After breakfast, we leave the hospitable tourist complex "Zoloto Altaya" and take the trip Mountains along the old Chuysky Tract to the Altai Mountains. On the way visit the Swan Lake - the winter wonder of Altai. More than half a century about five hundred swans winter here. The second stop is the Cherginskiy bison nursery, where about 50 thoroughbred bison live under natural conditions. Once upon a time these animals were practically exterminated on Earth. Today's population (of the order of several thousand animals) was recovered from only 46 last bisons.

Then we have a climb to the Seminsky pass (1717 m), which is covered by cedar taiga. By lunchtime, we arrive to the Karakol valley, which is sacred to the Altai peoples. These places began to be actively developed by people from the Bronze Age (approximately 3 thousand years BC). Numerous steles, mounds, rock carvings make up the cultural and historical heritage of the Karakol Valley. Nowadays, the Altai people conduct rites and rituals here.

In the Karakol valley we learn about the customs of the Altai peoples, their beliefs, we visit places of power and homes of ordinary Altai people. You see the Bashadarskiy mounds (the mounds of the Scythian time, the finds from which are stored in the Hermitage). At the end of the excursion you take a visit to the house of ordinary Altai people. Here you hear a concert of throat singing. The throat singing is among the UNESCO world Heritage, is also a cultural and esoteric tradition of the nomadic peoples of Northern Eurasia. Experienced kaychi (kaychi is master of throat singing) is able to imitate the sounds of nature, and also to tell the epic during several days without stopping. In some cases, throat singing is special way for entering to trance.

At dinner, you are offered to taste the usual food ande national cuisine. The cuisine of the Altai people and other nomadic peoples of Central Asia is based on dairy, cereal and meat products. You can taste the traditional dishes: blood sausage kaan, dried cheese kurut, fermented milk drink Chegen and many others.

Day 4 (11th of February)
Moving to Uymonskaya Valley
Accommodation - "Argut" and "Kolobok" hotels
Distance - 250 km, the form of transport- a car

All day is devoted to moving to Uymonskaya Valley, that locates near the highest mountain of Siberia and Altai - Belukha. Here, between the Katun and Koks rivers, for several centuries the Old Believers compactly live here, preserving the traditional way of life and lifestyle. On arrival at the tourist complex - accommodation. In the evening - presentation of the Katunskiy natural biosphere nature reserve (UNESCO World Heritage Site).
Day 5 (12th of February)
Belukha Mountain and Altai Old Believers
Snowmobile excursion to the Bashtaltinskoye plateau
Accommodation - "Argut" and "Kolobok" hotels
Distance - 80 km, by car; 15 km, by snowmobile

In the first half of the day We have a climb by snowmobiles ( are accompanied by driver-instructors) to the Bashtalinsky plateau. In good weather, we be able to see the panorama of the Katunskiy mountain range and the highest mountain of Siberia and Altai - Belukha (4506 m) The mountain is considered sacred. It was Belukha that Nikolai Roerich painted in the picture "Pobeda" long before the end of the Great Patriotic War. Roerich family visited Uymonskaya Valley in 1926 during the Central Asian Expedition. In the afternoon we go to the oldest village of Uymonskaya Valley - Verkh-Uymon. Here we meet with the keeper of the traditions of the Altai Old Believers Raisa Pavlovna Kuchuganova. Raisa Pavlovna has been collecting oral folklore for several decades, write down traditions and the history of Uymonskiy Old Believers.In the 19th century hut, she organized the Museum of History and Culture of the Uymonskaya Valley. Visiting Raisa Pavlovna Kuchuganova we be able to plunge into the peasant life of the past centuries and gain the folkwisdom. Next is a visit to the memorial museum of the Roerich family.
Day 6 (13th of February)
Casino Altai Palace
Accommodation - Altai Palace Hotel
Distance - 250 km, the form of transport- a car

Today we move to the gambling zone Sibirskaya moneta at the Altai Palace Art Hotel. It is located in the foothills of the Altai. Here is the only casino in Siberia. In the art hotel you will have an entertainment program, a fan game and karaoke bar.
Day 7 (14th of February)
Early breakfast and transfer to Barnaul airport
Phone: +7 966 020 68 88
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